“Taking a sick leave and listening to the curtain call” ‥ ‘Self-appreciation’ for the current police behavior

This is the content of SBS Radio’s “Dooshie Escape먹튀검증 Cult Two Show” recorded on May 25 and broadcast on May 26.

SBS Radio’s ‘Cult to Show’ (May 26)
[Host] “He said that today is his company’s physical examination day, and he came to the Cultwo Show with a medical certificate, so do you know where his company is now?”
[Audience member] “At home because they’re sick.”
[Host] “Sick? Let me get you a microphone.”

A woman says she called in sick to work.

The host asks her what kind of company she works for and what her job is.

SBS Radio’s “Dusi Escape Cultu Show” (broadcast on May 26)
[Host] “What kind of company is this?”
[Audience member] “I’m a police official.”
[Cast member] “Police officials lie and give fake medical certificates…huh?”
[Moderator] “Do you mind if I use your name?”
[Audience member] “It’s kind of sick and it’s actually-“
[Moderator] “You seemed to enjoy it so much, maybe it was therapeutic?”

The woman’s answer, a current police officer, immediately sparked controversy, as she lied about being sick and tuned in.

The police immediately launched a fact-finding investigation, which revealed that the woman was in fact an active police officer at a police station in the Gyeonggi Southern Police Agency.

An official from the National Police Agency said, “Our own audit confirmed that he took annual leave and went to the broadcast, but exaggerated that he was sick for the sake of fun.”

However, the police say they may take disciplinary action if it is determined that the police’s reputation has been damaged, as the lie of ‘taking sick leave’ was widely disseminated through the broadcast.

In the course of the controversy, it was also claimed that the producers suggested the officer lie for fun, but the Cult to Show producers issued an official statement saying that this was “absolutely not true”.

The producers reiterated that they “never suggested such a thing to the audience,” and the reporter who wrote the article reportedly removed it, saying he “misunderstood the story.”

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