‘The best + captain’ Jung Woo-ram, the synergy expected from the three free agents Chae Eun-seong, Lee Tae-yang and Oh Seon-jin

“I think it will be good enough since my seniors have experienced a lot and returned.”

Hanwha Eagles Jung Woo-ram said in an interview before departure at Incheon International Airport on the 29th, “I am still thinking about what role I should play as a captain. 메이저사이트 . Looking at the faces of the players, they seem bright and well prepared, so I feel a little relieved.”

Jung Woo-ram, the oldest player in the team, accepted the team captaincy this season. It is not easy to see a pitcher or a player with the most experience as captain of a team. Jung Woo-ram said, “I think it would have been better if I had been the captain when I was a little younger and more powerful. We judged that our team was in a difficult situation right now and thought it was good timing in a way. I’ve been in a good team and being the captain allows me to give my voice more to the players. I wonder if the players will follow me more because I am the captain,” he explained why he took over as captain of the team.

When asked what he wanted to say to the players, Jung Woo-ram said, “The first thing I want to say to the players is not ‘let’s get good grades’. I want to emphasize that every day this match is precious and it may be the last. To put it in old words, I think I should say that I am renewing my mental armament. I want to instill that belief in players that there is no tomorrow. If the players follow suit, I think we will be able to play better games than before.”

Hanwha succeeded in reinforcing their strength this winter by recruiting Chae Eun-seong, Lee Tae-yang, and Oh Seon-jin. Jung Woo-ram said, “The team may change drastically with one or two players, or it may not. But I think very positively. Even in the case of (Chae) Eun-seong, he was able to teach his juniors about the good culture of the team because he was at LG, which had good results for several years. (Lee) Taeyang has been with Hanwha for a long time, but I am looking forward to it because I went to SSG and won the championship, and I have seen and learned a lot. (Oh) Sunjin also said that he felt and learned a lot at Samsung. There seems to be a lot of synergistic effect. Our team players have been in Hanwha for a long time, so it’s hard to catch that kind of culture or good points. The seniors have experienced a lot and are back, so I think it will be good enough.” He expected the players who came to Hanwha to spread a new culture.

Jung Woo-ram said, “During the off-season, I built my body in a warm place. I went there for the first time in 3 years and the weather was so nice. There are many good memories when I made a body in the past. Not only me but all the players seem to have trained a lot this winter. I think the players prepared well enough to wonder if they really thought, ‘I need to do something different’.”

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