The bitter voice of the leaving air defense agency’first year prosecutor’…”An organization that ignores criticism is not healthy”

The chief prosecutor of the High-ranking Officials Criminal Investigation Office poured out criticism on the day he targeted the head of the airlift through a letter of resignation메이저놀이터.

According to the legal community on the 22nd, former chief prosecutor Kim Seong-moon, who retired on the same day as the Human Rights Investigation Policy Officer of the Airlift, said in a resignation letter sent by email to the employees of the Airlift, “The period of service at the Airlift was the most comfortable for my body during my public service life, but the most uncomfortable for my mind. It was the right time,” he said. Former Chief Prosecutor Kim was appointed as the first prosecutor in April 2021, when the Airlift was launched, and has been working for more than two years.

Former Prosecutor Kim carefully cited disagreements with executives from judges, such as Kim Jin-wook, head of the Ministry of Airlift, as one of the reasons for his discomfort. He said, “I have expressed different opinions from the executives from the court on the establishment of relationships with other investigative agencies, the view and response direction of critical media and the National Assembly.”

Former Chief Prosecutor Kim also pointed out, “There wasn’t much room for my other opinions to be accepted at executive meetings where words such as ‘The airlift is the control tower of the investigative agency’ and ‘The prosecution is conspiring with some media to try to kill the airlift’ are frequently exchanged.” “It was difficult to understand the attitude of ignoring or antagonizing other institutions,” he added.

Former chief prosecutor Kim also expressed regret about the atmosphere inside the airlift that was rigid. He said that prosecutors and investigators expressed their appreciation one after another and proposed to come up with an improvement plan through discussions last summer when the organization was in turmoil, but it was not accepted. Former Chief Prosecutor Kim said, “Rather, I heard criticism to the effect that ‘the person who resigns is irresponsible'” and “After a while, the Thursday tea time of executives exchanging various opinions disappeared.” He confided that it was from his gay days when he seriously considered resigning.

Former Chief Prosecutor Kim said, “There was also a person called ‘internal gunshot'” targeting himself who was critical of the organization. He said, “I usually think that the expression ‘internal gunfire’ is a representative expression of hatred that should disappear in our society,” he said.

Former prosecutor Kim was appointed as a prosecutor in 2000 and worked as a lawyer since 2017 after serving at the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office, the Judicial Research and Training Institute, the Busan District Prosecutor’s Office, and the Seoul Western District Prosecutor’s Office. After being appointed in April 2021, he passed the suspicion of special hiring of dismissed teachers by Seoul Superintendent Cho Hee-yeon, the case of Airlift 1, as the head of the 2nd investigation department in September of that year, to the prosecution as an opinion. Since October of last year, he has been working as a human rights investigation policy officer.

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