The candidate’s angry wife, the reason for the recent business income report ‘0’?

Park Min-sik, a candidate for Minister of Patriots and Veterans Affairs, donated artwork to the National Assembly 10 years ago when he was a member of the National Assembly.

This is the work of artist A, her spouse.

Artist A has participated in numerous exhibitions over the past five years and held solo exhibitions in Seoul and Busan.

When candidate Park checked the income report data of his spouse submitted to the National Assembly, it was only rental income from 2019 to 2021.

In 2017 and 2018, I did not even submit income report data, but Candidate Park explained that he had not submitted any data because he had no rental income. By the way, a SNS

post related to the solo exhibition of artist A held in 2017 . A red sticker with a ‘Sold’ sign next to the artwork. [Soundbite] [Soundbite] [Soundbite] [Soundbite] [Soundbite] [Soundbite] [Soundbite] [Soundbite] [Soundbite] [Soundbite] [Soundbite] [Soundbite] [Soundbite] [Soundbite] [Soundbite] [Soundbite] [Soundbite] [Soundbite] [Soundbite] [Soundbite] [Soundbite] [Soundbite] [Soundbite ] You have a reporting obligation. [Soundbite] Kim Dong-min(Tax Accountant) : “As an artist, if you sell paintings for profit, you are considered business income, so you are required to report global income tax and pay taxes accordingly.” He said that the payment should be made clear, and he demanded an explanation.

[Soundbite] Oh Ki-hyeong(Democratic Party Member)토스카지노 : “If there is a fact that actual income is estimated to have occurred over a certain period of time, shouldn’t the candidate clearly explain whether he or she has actually paid taxes and, if so, how much

? ” When asked, the hearing preparation team said, “We confirmed that there was no sales history by combining the tax payment proof and the memories of the parties, but we are checking again.”

He also said, “After confirmation, we plan to take follow-up measures accordingly.” On the other hand, in connection with yesterday’s KBS

report that candidate Park was confirmed to have been listed as a lawyer for about 10 lawsuits when he worked as a member of the National Assembly Judiciary Committee, he said it was a “law firm’s mistake” and released fact confirmation documents from the lawyers who were named together. . This is Lee Ji-yoon from KBS News. Cinematographer: Jung Hyeong-cheol, Yoon Dae-min, Seo Won-cheol/Video editing: Yeo Dong-yong/Graphics: Kang Min-soo

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