The first double-digit home run since debut is just around the corner. However, he complained that it was “frustrating.” A home run hitter who wants to hit a hit says, “Baseball is difficult. You have to practice a lot”

The interview was conducted with a smile that conveyed the thrill of a come-from-behind home run. Then, signs of worry began to appear again. Home runs are good, but not all that good.

SSG Landers shortstop Park Seong-han’s worry is home runs. And with that home run, SSG achieved a thrilling comeback victory over the KT Wiz.안전놀이터

SSG won 6 to 5 with Park Seong-han’s two-run shot in the top of the 9th inning in an away game against KT held at KT Wiz Park in Suwon on the 10th. Trailing 3-5 in the top of the 9th inning, Choi Ji-hoon’s triple and Choi Jeong’s timely hit pushed them to 4-5, and then Park Seong-han hit KT closer Kim Jae-yoon’s 145km fastball and hit a two-run gun. In the bottom of the 9th inning, closer Seo Jin-yong finished the game with no hits, 1 walk, and no runs, ending the team’s 3-game losing streak.

Park Seong-han smiled and gave an interview to the reporters. Park Seong-han, who said, “The thrill of a comeback is always good,” said, “The moment it hit, I thought it was big. About 70% of the time I thought it was a hit, and about 30% of the time I thought it was a home run.”

He went 0-hit in 3 at-bats with Kim Jae-yoon this season, so he was armed with a positive mind. Park Seong-han said, “I tried to gain confidence by thinking that it was time to come out because there were no hits,” and “I kept thinking about the previous results, but I went out confidently with the thought of forgetting about them quickly and focusing only on the at-bat now.”

I aimed for a fastball. Park Seong-han said, “Senior Kim Jae-yoon also throws a forkball, but if you aim for a forkball, you can’t respond to a fastball, so I went out with the thought that I would just adjust the timing to the fastball and respond to the forkball.” Park Seong-han said, “(Choi) Ji-hoon threw a lot yesterday, so his fastball lost power.” “They said it was the same, but when I saw it in person, the ball was better than I thought. So I paid more attention and hit it.”

Park Seong-han recorded a batting average of .302 in 2021 when he played full-time, and last year he had a strong feeling of a substitute hitter, recording .209 and 8, but this year his batting average has dropped to 2.6 and 8. Instead, there were only 2 home runs last year, but this year there were 9, leaving only 1 of his first double-digit home runs in his debut.

It’s stress. Park Seong-han said, “It’s not stressing that the batting average has dropped, but there are a lot of extra-base hits. I’m not a 20-home run hitter, and I don’t have a desire for home runs. I want to hit a lot of hits, but I’m hitting home runs and my batting average is dropping, so it’s frustrating. It’s frustrating because I didn’t intend to. “There are a lot of batted balls and bad results, so I have a lot to worry about,” he said.

He believes that his batting style is to get on base more by hitting more hits than making extra-base hits. Park Seong-han said, “I think I’ll have to practice and find my way in the end. I hit a home run today, but I didn’t mean to hit a home run. I tried to hit it short, but it connected well and I ended up hitting a home run.”

He said, “Baseball is too difficult. I think I need to practice a lot,” and quickly packed his equipment.

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