Cha Jun-hwan, ‘Silver’ Homecoming… Korean figure skating ‘second renaissance’

If Yuna Kim wrote the history of Korean female figure skating, now Cha Jun-hwan is following her in male figure skating.

Cha Jun-hwan, the first Korean male player to win a world championship medal, returned with a silver medal.

This is Reporter Jeong Yoon-cheol.

When Cha Jun-hwan appeared with a silver medal around his neck, cheers broke out.

[Location sound]
“Cha Jun-hwan, I love you!”

The quiet arrival hall has turned into a fan meeting hall토토사이트.

Cha Jun-hwan was delighted with a bouquet of flowers in his hands and a crown on his head.

Cha Jun-hwan, who became the first Korean male athlete to win a silver medal at the world championships held in Japan the day before yesterday, was very popular.

[Cha Jun-hwan / National Figure Skating Team]
“I think I’m very satisfied because it was a match where I always aim for a medal.”

If Yu-Na Kim is the pioneer of Korean female figure skating, then Cha Jun-Hwan is definitely the male figure skater.

Cha Jun-hwan started figure skating in elementary school after working as a child actor.

Based on his innate expressiveness, he has written the first record in Korea since his junior days.

While battling a hip injury since his senior debut, he has perfected the quadruple jump that is essential for high scores with painstaking training.

Cha Jun-hwan, who gained experience in two Olympics, finally realized his dream of winning a medal at the World Championships this season when his artistry was in full bloom.

Now, the eyes are on the Olympic medal three years from now.

[Cha Jun-hwan / National Figure Skating Representative]
“I think it would be nice if I practiced harder and improved so that I could get closer to my dream (Olympic medal).”

Lee Hae-in, who became the first Korean female athlete to win a medal 10 years after Yuna Kim with a silver medal in women’s singles, was also warmly welcomed.

[Lee Hae-in / National Figure Skating Representative]
“I think I was very happy to be able to show a good figure. I was so grateful that (Yuna Kim) sent me a congratulatory (message) after it was over.”

Korean figure skating, which had been stagnant since Yuna Kim’s retirement, had a second renaissance.

This is Channel A News Jung Yoon-cheol.

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