The first year of Korea University’s athletic department’s great leap”… Running with new hope

Commander of 5 Major Sports Departments New Year’s Aspirations
Soccer Team 100 Years Old “An opponent that shuddered just by looking at it, will regain its status”
Rugby Team “Korea League 1st and 2nd rounds V, Continuing the winning streak at Koyeonjeon”
Baseball Team “Team with strong defense… Producing as many professional players as possible”
Basketball “Last year’s college league unified champion glory replayed in 2023”
Ice Hockey “Opportunity for exchange students… Leap forward as a global team” 토토

Korea University, a prestigious private school, is an axis that maintains the foundation of university sports. In addition to the five major sports (baseball, soccer, basketball, rugby, and ice hockey), individual players are growing in a system that combines study and sports. Korea University’s athletic department achieved many achievements last year, and has steadily produced players who advance to the adult stage, such as pros. In 2023, we are preparing to sweat again to make a year of moving forward one step further. It is an aspiration to make a bright new year through winter training. We listened to the new year’s aspirations of the commanders of the five major sports.

Korea University’s soccer team is proud of its history and tradition, 메이저사이트 celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. Head coach Shin Yeon-ho (59), who is in command of the soccer team, is leading the team with the determination to regain former glory. He said, “Just looking at the Korea University uniform, I felt that my status had faded a bit compared to when I was trembling. He is aiming to elevate Korea University to its original status as a soccer player,” he said with strength.