The keyword for the opening match in 2023 is ‘Derby’… Post-Corona Era Spectator Record Expectation

The ground is wide open in as many as four months. In 2023, the K-League kicks off the grand finale. The topic of the opening game in 2023 is definitely ‘Derby’. Excluding the ‘Hyundai Derby’ between Ulsan Hyundai and Jeonbuk Hyundai, which clash in the official opening game, a story-rich rivalry awaits.먹튀검증

▶ Story-packed, attention-grabbing ‘Derby’

FC Seoul and Incheon United, who ‘grow’ whenever they meet, clash for the first time. This season’s ‘Gyeongin Derby’ is even more eye-catching. Both teams strengthened their squads with active signings in the winter transfer market. ‘Home team’ Seoul recruited Willian, Hosam Iesh, Im Sang-hyeop Park Soo-il, Lee Si-young and Choi Cheol-won. Here, the ‘national striker’ Hwang Eui-jo was hired on loan and peaked. The away team Incheon also had Jerso, Mpoku, Shin Jin-ho and Kwon-jin Kwon.

At 2pm on the 26th, the so-called ‘Yun Bitgaram Derby’ will be held between Jeju United and Suwon FC. Yun Bit-garam returned to Jeju last season after 3 years. He only made 15 appearances. He left Jeju ahead of the new season and moved to Suwon FC.

In some circles, rumors of a ‘discord’ between Jeju director Nam Ki-il and Yoon Bit-garam raised their heads. Director Nam said at a press conference for winter training, “It was a matter of communication that we did not want to repeat in the future.” Yoon Bit-garam said, “The director said he was sorry. I wonder why he couldn’t do that at the time.

At 4:30 pm on the 26th, the ‘Ball Boy Derby’ between Daejeon Hana Citizen and Gangwon FC is also scheduled. The two teams clashed in the 2021 Promotion Playoffs (PO). Controversy arose in the 2nd match of the lifting PO, where fate was at stake. The ball boys of Gangwon, who were the home team at the time, delayed the game by throwing the ball in the wrong direction or not handing the ball at all after Gangwon led 3-1. Gangwon confirmed their stay in the K-League 1 with a total score of 4-2 in the first and second games. Controversy arose after the game over the behavior of the ball boys.

▶A record for spectators in the post-COVID-19 era… What kind of history will be written in the opening round

What other ‘records’ will be written in the 2023 K-League opening game. The first thing to look forward to is the toes of Yeom Ki-hoon (Suwon Samsung), a ‘progressive legend’. He recorded four assists in 11 league openers. Dennis (retired, 1 goal-4 assists in 9 games) and is ranked first in this category. The performance of Lee Chung-yong (Ulsan, 3 assists), second in assists in the opening round, is also raising expectations.

Yoon Bitgaram is also determined to follow in the footsteps of his seniors. He scored 4 goals in 11 opening rounds. Depending on the results of the first match of this season, the records of Lee Dong-guk, Yang Dong-hyun, Kim Shin-wook (more than 6 goals), Kim Yong-se, Edu, and Shin Tae-yong (more than 5 goals) can be followed.

Suwon FC and Daegu FC set out to break the ‘opening round’ jinx. The two teams have never won in the opening match of the K League 1. Suwon FC recorded 2 draws and 1 loss, and Daegu only recorded 6 draws and 11 losses. Daegu fans go on a large-scale away cheer for the victory of the opening game. Pohang decided to expand and open away cheering seats.

Meanwhile, the opening game of the 2023 season is foreshadowing the record for the largest number of spectators in the’post-corona 19 era’. As of the morning of the 23rd, more than 24,000 seats were sold for the Ulsan-Jeonbuk match. This figure far exceeds the highest number of spectators last year (Ulsan-Jeju, 23,817) as well as the highest number of spectators for the opening round in 2019 (Jeonbuk-Daegu, 20,637). More than 15,000 seats were booked for the Seoul-Incheon match. Officials from the football field said, “It is the opening game where society as a whole takes off the mask. This year is a particularly long-awaited opening. Fans seem to be more interested in the 2022 Qatar World Cup advance to the round of 16.”

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