The road FC champion who became a father, “always harbors a passion for the game… a matter of livelihood”

 Road FC champion with vicious spirit for family, “This is a matter of livelihood.”

On the 4th, a video of ‘Asia’s strongest’ Kim Soo-cheol (31, ROAD FC GYM Wonju), who became a father, was released on the official YouTube channel of Road FC.

With the birth of his child, Kim Soo-chul is preparing for a solid future as the head of a family. He played his first match as a father at Goobne ROAD FC 064.

Road FC and WFSO (World Martial Arts Association)메이저사이트 will hold the Wonju MMA Sports Festival on June 24th and 25th at the Wonju Sports Complex. Goobne ROAD FC 064, a professional competition, will be held on the 24th, and the 6th World Mixed Martial Arts Festival, an amateur competition, will be held on the 25th.

With billions of dollars at stake in the global tournament opening ceremony at Goobne ROAD FC 064, strong players from all over the world are expected to gather. It will be held in the form of a quarter-final tournament and will be matched with 4 Korean players and 4 foreign players.

“I understand that if you win three consecutive championships, your contract will automatically be terminated. But that won’t be easy.” I think like this. I heard that the contract is automatically extended when you win the first championship,” Kim Soo-chul said of the tournament.

Kim Soo-chul has proven his worth as the first Singapore One Championship bantamweight champion, Japan Rising-on featherweight champion, Road FC featherweight champion, and Road FC bantamweight champion.

Fierce competition is expected as the seeding rights for the current bantamweight tournament are won by ‘Road FC’s last bantamweight champion’ Moon Jae-hun (39, Octagon Multi Gym), Kim Soo-chul, and Yang Ji-yong (27, Jeju Team Ducking). As his first game after becoming his father, Kim Soo-chul is preparing with all his might to become his proud father.

“I always have a venom about competition. Because this is a matter of livelihood, I now have a family to protect, and since I am that kind of guy, in fact, everyone will be like that. Everyone gets poisoned because of that, and I am the same,” said Kim Soo-cheol.

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