The splendid return of Daejeon, there was Joo Se-jong and Anton

Daejeon’s successful K-League 1 return operation, overpowering the rival Gangwon

‘return.’ It is a word that refers to the return of a person who has been away to another place. Daejeon Hana Citizen’s ‘K-League 1 return operation’ was carried out perfectly.먹튀검증

In the first round match between Hana One Q K League 1 2023 Daejeon Hana Citizen (hereinafter Daejeon) and Gangwon FC (hereinafter Gangwon) held at the World Cup Stadium in Daejeon on the 26th, Daejeon overcame rival Gangwon thanks to consecutive goals from Thiago and Leandro. After a year, he won the return to the K-League 1.

Captain Joo Se-jong’s class that shone

The performances of Thiago and Leandro, who scored goals in this game, were also dazzling, but the performance of ‘Captain Joo Se-jong’ was particularly dazzling. Ju Se-jong, who joined Daejeon on loan through the summer transfer market last season, played the perfect helmsman role in leading Daejeon to promotion in the 2022 season. 

Later, after the rental contract expired, Joo Se-jong joined Daejeon as a free agent through the winter transfer market, took over the captaincy from Jo Yoo-min, and became the spearhead of Daejeon’s K-League 1 return operation. He tried to transplant the K-League 1 life he had acquired through Busan-Seoul to Daejeon, and this effort paid off in his first game.

Joo Sejong, who recorded the most passes (63) and the most breakaways (2) in his team, showed his face as a midfield commander in Daejeon. He also played the role of a link between offense and defense, and the way he cut off the opponent’s forward dribble when necessary and the pass he scattered left and right at important moments was also dazzling.

‘Captain’ Ju Se-jong, who personally proved why he is a national team midfielder, was selected as the best player in the match and proved his class.

‘Ace Recruit Anton’s Iron Wall Defense

Azerbaijan’s national team defender Anton also clearly showed his skills on the debut stage of the Korean K-League 1. Anton, who was recruited as the last center back, who was considered the last puzzle of Daejeon, made a big contribution to Daejeon’s K-League 1 return victory by firmly blocking Gangwon’s menacing top three Yang Hyeon-jun, Dino, and Kim Dae-won.

Anton, who recorded the most interceptions (7) and the most interceptions (7) on the team, also showed great performances. The build-up of the left foot, which was put in during the rear build-up process, was flawless. He showed the ability to control the speed of Kim Dae-won and Yang Hyun-joon, as well as not being pushed by the ball in the air.

Daejeon’s K-League 1 return operation, which was suffocating and full of tension, ended successfully. Now, Daejeon heads to Incheon to successfully carry out the ‘K-League 1 settlement operation’. Daejeon, which starts its K-League 1 journey in earnest with an expedition to Incheon on the 4th of next month, is attracting attention.

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