The spot where free agents left after receiving billions of dollars… 21 year old baby dinosaur speaks of responsibility

 There were seniors who could cover up their mistakes even if they couldn’t do it. Those seniors were always reassuring. However, when I looked around, the seniors disappeared one by one. Although he is still 21 years old and has a lot to learn, the reality doesn’t let him go easily.메이저사이트 Now he has become the player who controls the team’s destiny.

Kim Joo-won (21), the most promising player in the NC infield, is spending spring camp with a sense of responsibility as a starter. Kim Joo-won, who joined the pro after being nominated for NC’s 2nd round (6th overall) in 2021, is expanding his presence in the team’s infield by playing 69 games in his debut season and 96 games last year. However, this year, he plays with a greater sense of responsibility or pressure.

Noh Jin-hyeok (34‧ Lotte), who had been active as the team’s shortstop or third baseman until last year, obtained free agent (FA) qualifications and left for Busan, a neighborhood next to him. This year, Kim Joo-won’s role in the team’s infield is expected to increase significantly. Kim Joo-won is also well aware of this fact. Kim Joo-won, who still seems to have to grow up under the protection of his seniors, was talking about ‘responsibility’.

It’s harsh if it’s harsh, but maybe it’s a good opportunity to settle down for yourself. Kim Joo-won was also drawing a plan for the 2023 season in the meantime. Kim Joo-won said, “I feel a little more responsible because it is a spring camp that is a little different from the difference between domestic and overseas, and it is the second year to the third year.”

It’s a pity that the seniors left. Kim Joo-won recalled Noh Jin-hyuk as “a senior I relied on a lot during the season last year.” I think that I have to face the game with this, so I am preparing harder, paying more attention to what I will do than usual.

Kim Joo-won’s potential is acknowledged by himself and others. He had the rare profile of a switch-hitter shortstop. You can throw the ball far here. Last year he hit 10 home runs in 96 games. He hit one home run per 32.6 at-bats, third best on the team behind Yang Eui-ui (25.5 at-bats) and Noh Jin-hyeok (30.1 at-bats). NC fans have high expectations for this young player for a reason.

Kim Joo-won also confidently said, “I think my strength is being able to hit long shots.” He had a lot of troubles due to his low batting average, but was encouraged by the coaching staff and seniors who said, “Let’s use your strengths more than thinking about your weaknesses.” At camp, he is determined to make an upgraded attack power while paying attention to his batting form. Not only thinking about the advice of coaches all night long, but also diligently looking for overseas videos to create clues.

I changed my mindset. Rather than thinking ‘there are seniors’, now it is a responsibility of ‘I have to do it’. If you are a starting shortstop, you should basically be prepared to play a full season. All factors such as skill, physical strength, and mentality must be in harmony. Kim Joo-won also said, “I’m trying not to pay too much attention to each and every defense.” Forget the mistakes boldly, and take more of the experience of success. Kim Joo-won is preparing to become a starter.

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