The winning coach has a headache because of this player… SSG mound plate shakes

SSG held its own practice game on the 23rd (Korean time) ahead of the end of the 1st camp held in Vero Beach, Florida. The selection for the first practice match is usually made by the player who is in the best condition at the moment and can go into the actual game right away. Oh Won-seok (22) was the spearhead who broke the first start of SSG’s actual battle.

Oh Won-seok threw only 11 pitches in one inning that day, ending the game with a three-way offense. “He seemed to be in good shape. He was confident,” was one voice from the officials who watched Oh Won-seok’s pitching at the time. The phrase “Oh Won-seok’s ball is the best at the current camp” was popular in the camp, but it was a match that confirmed that it was not a lie. Everyone was clearly feeling the growth of this young player.

SSG coach Kim Won-hyung was a great pitcher who won 134 victories during his active career. As is usually the case with coaches with such experience, he is not generous in evaluating pitchers. However, even director Kim was looking at Oh Won-seok with a joyful gaze. Director Kim said, “I saw it the year before last, I saw it last year, and I saw it this year too, and the growth every year is noticeable.” Considering director Kim’s usual tone, it’s equivalent to ‘high praise’. That’s how much Oh Won-seok grew up.

So the trouble begins. SSG has the league’s top-notch starting lineup, which is recognized by self and others. The existence of Kim Gwang-hyun, who has achieved better results than foreign players, is great. There is a match in which the second foreign starter faces the opposing native ace, which is a big plus for the team. Here, Park Jong-hoon and Moon Seung-won, proven 10-win pitchers, stand up. SSG’s most cheerful flow comes out when they catch the opponent’s 1st and 2nd starters once. That’s how it seemed that 5 people were settling into the starting rotation.메이저사이트

However, Oh Won-seok, who has grown greatly through the rotation over the past two years, is giving coach Kim a headache. This is because he is not inferior to other players with his current pitch. It is true that veterans have priority, but it would be a pity to send Oh Won-seok to the bullpen again. It is the same even if you think of the current position and the experience you have given in the past two years. So, he said that he had not yet decided on the starting rotation for this year.

Coach Kim emphasized, “Just because there is no (enlisted) Kim Taek-hyung in the left-handed bullpen, I do not plan to send Won-seok to the bullpen simply because his left hand is lacking.” I will go out as a starter in Gyeonggi-do,” he predicted.

As for the timing of the position decision, Director Kim has his own thoughts. He said he couldn’t reveal just yet. It is expected that the final decision will be made only at the end of the Okinawa practice game and demonstration game. Even coach Kim said, “I don’t rule out” when asked, “Do you have any ideas for finishing foreign players?” All of these are tectonic shifts created by Oh Won-seok. Attention is focusing on whether Oh Won-seok’s rise can shake the plate of the SSG selection team.

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