“There may be misunderstanding… it didn’t fit on purpose” Kim Dong-heon’s sand dune controversy erupted again

“I don’t think I was hit on purpose.” 온라인카지노

Kiwoom Heroes Kim Dong-heon started as the designated hitter in the home game against the Samsung Lions in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League held at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 19th.

Kim Dong-heon, who had no hits in the first four at-bats, managed to get on base in the ninth inning. However, controversy arose in the process of reaching base. In the ninth inning with one out, Kim Dong-heon faced off with left-hander Lee Seung-hyun and got on base with a ball that fit his body. being hit by a ball in his elbow.

However, Samsung coach Park Jin-man and catcher Kang Min-ho approached the umpire and protested against the decision on the four balls. In particular, Kang Min-ho appealed by making a gesture of pushing his elbow. But the verdict was not overturned.

On the 15th, in the Gocheok KIA game, Kim Dong-heon went on base after being hit by a ball in the elbow, but was at the center of the controversy. At the time, KIA coach Kim Jong-guk doubted intentionality and protested fiercely about the decision.

On the 20th, ahead of the Gocheok Samsung match, Kiwoom coach Hong Won-ki said, “It’s a hitting mechanism that I’ve been using since I was young. The elbow is in a low state when hitting or taking a takeback action, but it can be misleading.”

The command tower predicted a change. Manager Hong said, “I think changes are needed to prevent injury, such as adjusting the batting position. A sudden change in the batting mechanism can confuse players, so we need to discuss it with the hitting coach. We shouldn’t create a bigger issue.” did.

Director Hong continued, “I don’t think it was hit on purpose. I didn’t do it on purpose, even because of an injury. Hitters have different ways to avoid the ball, but Kim Dong-heon did not avoid it and showed a lowering motion.”

Was there a message personally delivered to Kim Dong-heon? Manager Hong said, “I haven’t talked about anything, but I plan to deliver it through the hitting coach. Changes are needed to prevent injuries and not create controversy.”

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