This is the first scene I’ve seen? It’s a new technology!’

When you are immersed in the game, sometimes unexpected movements come out.

Players who did not lose their concentration until the end, check out Top Play.

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This is a scene from a Brazilian professional soccer game메이저놀이터.

After exchanging fierce physical fights, they couldn’t get tangled up, so one player got on board.

Even so, no foul was declared, and he broke through to the end and even attempted a cross.

Although the two players looked a bit ridiculous as if they were dancing, their tenacious dribbling continued the game without giving in!

Is it commendable?


Here’s another player worthy of praise.

Atlanta’s Acuna Jr. is trying to steal!

The result is safe… what kind of situation is this?

Acuña, unable to slow down, did a forward roll.

But even in the midst of that, he didn’t take his hands off the base all the way.

1st overall in major leagues with 14 stolen bases this season!

It is a moment of tenacity combining gymnastics and baseball skills.


The last is the South American soccer competition.

The goalkeeper misses a cross and it goes into the post.

The fact that the defense kicked it off was hit by a teammate’s foot, resulting in an unexpected own goal.

It’s been a top play so far.

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