Trip to Japan and Tommy John surgery… Women’s baseball What is the ‘three rabbits’ that Kim Ra-gyeong is targeting?

An English word book with a baseball in one hand and ‘Kmji’ in the other. It was the first appearance of Kim Ra-kyung, whom I met at a cafe three years ago. The roadmap he draws with the ‘two rabbits’ in his hand is clear. Going to Seoul National University and advancing on the Japanese stage. His goal was to experience the advanced women’s baseball system for the development of Korean women’s baseball and become a sports administrator. 메이저놀이터

In 2022, three years after that, in the meantime, Kim Ra-kyung has achieved a lot. In 2020, she entered Seoul National University and climbed the mound in the college league and became the first female college player. He even managed to win against the team.

Kim Ra-gyeong, who was taking a step toward her dream, realized her long-held dream by joining the Japanese business baseball team ‘Asahi Trust’ last summer. He became the first Korean female baseball player to step on the stage in Japan. In that way, he took a step forward toward his dream by achieving step by step what he had promised three years ago.

the challenge came to fruition, however, Kim Ra-kyung could not smile brightly. A sudden injury caught his ankle. His ambitious Japanese stage ‘first pitch’ led to an injury, and after that, he devoted himself to rehabilitation and promised to return, but eventually went to the operating table that winter. Tommy John (elbow ligament splicing) surgery, which is familiar to male athletes but unfamiliar to female athletes. Kim Ra-kyung, who wrote the first record in women’s baseball, won the first title even through trials.

It was a Japanese stage that I stepped on after twists and turns, so it was a big regret. I had already signed an oral contract with the Asahi Trust team last winter, but joining was delayed due to visa issuance being restricted due to Corona 19. I had to stop. The ambitious year 2022 was a series of trials.

However, Kim Ra-gyeong was not only frustrated. He said that he gained valuable experience as much as the weight of the ordeal. “I only watched the game for five months, but it was time to follow every game and experience the infrastructure of Japanese women’s baseball,” he said. Also, although it is a commercial baseball game, it was interesting because every game was relayed and there was an integrated league called the women’s version of Koshien. It was a really good experience for me, a women’s baseball player, and for me, who is struggling to develop women’s baseball,” she said with a bright smile.

unfortunate year, now he has to go through a long rehabilitation tunnel. He can throw the ball from summer, but at that time, the Japanese women’s baseball season was in full swing, so he decided to join in the winter to prepare for next season rather than joining midway. In addition, while taking a leave of absence from university, he devoted himself to baseball, but since the period of consecutive leave of absence is limited, returning to school this year is inevitable. In the end, Kim Ra-gyeong decided to spend his entire year in Korea, while simultaneously rehabilitating and studying.

He is also aiming to operate the second term of JDB, which was operated with a base zero. JDB is a team created to expand the base of women’s baseball, and according to the rules of little baseball, it gathers young players and national team players who are in an environment where baseball cannot continue after the first year of high school, and creates an environment where they can train and play regularly. are contributing

But there is still a long way to go. There was a lot of trial and error in the first period, and I worked on funding and branding, but the support was not enough. Even now, in order to receive support for the club’s operation, he and his brother, Kim Byeong-geun, are running around the country to local governments, associations, and companies. Kim Ra-kyung is planning a way to develop JDB one step further with the goal of stable stadium support, establishment of a professional guidance system, and incorporation of the club.

Kim Ra-gyeong said, “The goal is to set the club management framework well for one year and return to Japan. It is my goal to expand the base of women’s baseball through JDB and expand my horizons by leading exchanges with Japanese baseball. I want to achieve my goal by preparing well for a year.”

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