Turned into an actor? ‘Prince of figure skating’ Cha Jun-hwan talks about post-retirement

If I go back to before learning스포츠토토 figure skating, I won’t be doing figure skating. He said he wanted to live a different life. Cha Jun-hwan lives a different life.. What kind of life would you like to live?

[Cha Jun-hwan / Figure skater: I love learning so much, so I said I want to try something else now. (That’s right.) I was living as a child actor at the time, so I think I might have been challenging my career as a child actor by continuing my life as a child actor. [ Anchor


If you’re going to retire from figure skating again later, at some point, haven’t you thought of walking the path of an actor?

[Cha Jun-hwan / Figure skater: The moment of retirement is approaching and if something like that is given, I will try it because I love to challenge and learn.] [Anchor] It’s



[Cha Jun-hwan / Figure skater: Yes, I want to learn.]


I want to learn. All right. Now, three years later, we have the Milan Winter Olympics. 15th place at the PyeongChang Olympics, 5th place at the Beijing Olympics, the rankings are rising, and many people are looking forward to it, but I think I should go to a higher place this time. how is it?

[Cha Jun-hwan / Figure skater: I think I learned another thing through the Pyeongchang Olympics and the Beijing Olympics, and I think I learned the passion to love skating again at the Pyeongchang Olympics, and I think I learned to enjoy skating at the Beijing Olympics. I think I’m looking forward to what kind of new learning I will have if I continue to learn from that time and participate in the Milan Olympics again.] [Anchor] At the Milan


Olympics, I hope that I will learn the mindset of winning first place again. let me try (Yes) Please let me know. (Okay) When is Cha Jun-hwan’s heyday?

[Cha Jun-hwan / Figure skater: Personally, I would like to become a player who can continue to develop every season rather than being in his prime. So, as much as I try and as much as I want, I can continue to develop in the direction I want, and I can draw the kind of program and skating that I want… . I don’t think the final goal was actually set. So I guess that’s my final goal until I become what I really want to be.]


In fact, even after listening to various interviews, I sincerely go through each stage step by step and practice without deviating every day to grow one step further. I have a lot of desire to be myself. I think it is also an icon of growth. All right. I will cheer for Cha Jun-hwan, who is more anticipated in the future, and look forward to it. thank you for the interview

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