UFC Drew Dover ahead of the birth of her daughter in June “See you in Korea soon!

After this game, I completely become a father. Even if I am tired, hungry and thirsty, there is someone who depends on me,”

said UFC lightweight Drew Dover (34, USA). He is due to have his daughter in his arms this coming June. The soon-to-be father has also changed his mindset. He will come to the cage with more motivation than before.

Drew Dover is set to compete at UFC 288: Sterling vs. Cejudo at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey on the 7th (Korean time).

Dover’s opponent is Matt Frevola (32, USA), and he is scheduled to fight in the lightweight division. Dover entered the UFC lightweight rankings by defeating Bobby Green (36, USA) in December of last year. Starting in 14th place, he will challenge the rankings in the fierce lightweight division.

Dover started Muay Thai at the age of 14 and is a two-time amateur champion. In his high school he practiced wrestling. He is a veteran fighter who turned pro in 2009 after recording 9 wins and no losses in his amateur career. He worked for several organizations such as Bellator and VFC before entering the UFC in the second half of 2013.

His total record is 26 wins, 1 draw and 11 losses out of 38 matches. Powerful blows and tenacity, such as a threatening left-handed hook, are his main weapons. He holds the record for most KO wins (8) with Dustin Poirier at UFC lightweight. Conversely, he has only suffered a KO loss once in his entire career.

Recently, we interviewed Drew Dover, who is on the rise with three consecutive TKO wins.

– I heard that your daughter will be born soon. Congratulations.

Yes. born a month later She is due to give birth on June 6th. That’s why after this game, I completely become a father.

– Does your motivation change as your daughter is about to be born?

Yes. It’s no longer just me feeding myself. Now I have one more little being to take care of. That is why there has been a change. No matter how tired, hungry, or thirsty I now have someone to depend on. Now when I go to the gym, work out, and diet, I feel much more motivated. focus more on all of these Because now I’m not alone.

– How is your current condition ahead of the game?

Very fantastic. We were already ready a couple of weeks ago. It’s thin from weight loss, but it’s powerful and fast. Training camp was really good. No injuries. We are fully prepared for this game.

– Were you disappointed that you didn’t receive a ranker opponent?

Not at all. I like being active. Ranker opponents are really hard to catch. That’s why I’m ready to fight any opponent. Matt Frivola was given the fight. He’s had a fantastic fight, and he’s looking for a KO. i like this game i want to play this game That’s why I’m excited ahead of this game. Not disappointed at all.

– How would you rate Matt Frevola facing UFC 288?

Frevola is chaotic. he’s crazy He swings his fist wildly and advances. He knows how to wrestle, is good at jiu-jitsu, and is good at hitting. knows how to do everything He’s so full of energy, he’s a crazy player. That’s why I will become a more sophisticated fighter. After watching it for enough time, it will inflict strong damage.

– Do you expect a hot slug fight with Matt Frevola?

Of course. I never play boring games. It will be the same with this one.

– If you have prepared anything.

We prepared many new weapons. We prepared submissions, takedowns, and even orthodox stance switching. We tried to add a lot of weapons. That’s why if you watched my last fight, you’d know how different a fighter I’ve become. I try to improve every moment. Because ultimately I want to do a rematch with Benil Dariush and Islam Makhachev. That’s why you need to develop grappling.

– I saw you said that Dariusz would beat Charles Oliveira. So who do you think would win in a fight between Dariusz and Makachev?

I think it will be a great match. I think Volkanovski showed many holes in Islam Makhachev. It will be a tough game for both players. But I think Dariush can win. I think only Dariusz can beat Islam Makhachev at lightweight right now.

– Except for you?


– In an interview after losing a submission to Islam Makhachev in the past, “When fighting Makhachev, he made almost no mistakes. It was a very tough game for him because he had a hard time finding a way to win.” Now, two years later, I wonder if he would have found a way to win if he faced Islam Makachev again.

Yes. I need to use jiu-jitsu more aggressively. Grappling should be used more aggressively. We have to threaten him more on the ground. I watched Volkanovski and Makachev fight while analyzing the match with paper and pen. Volkanovski showed a lot of good moves. Personally, I think Volkanovski won the match. So we practiced at training camp a lot of what Volkanovski did in that game. We are learning, and we are constantly getting better.

– I think your teammate Justin Gaethje is also preparing for the match against Islam Makhachev. Have you exchanged opinions?

Gaichi does what he always does. he’s incredibly tough The fight against Fiziyev was really cool. We exchanged opinions and looked at each other’s reactions. But we try to be different fighters. But when we go into the Octagon and fight, they really look alike.

– With Dustin Poirier since the last Bobby Green fight, he set the record for most KO wins (8) in the UFC lightweight division. Naturally, it became a matchup against Dustin Poirier for the KO win record.

I think Dustin Poirier’s Resume is much better 메이저놀이터than mine. He knocked out Conor McGregor. But I really want to fight Poirier. I am a huge fan of Poirier. He is a superstar and a very talented player. I always love to watch him play and I want to fight him. I want to stick with Poirier and see who has the most KOs in the lightweight division.

– Called out Jayleen Turner after winning against Bobby Green. If he beats Matt Frevola, are you still thinking of him as his next prey?

To be honest, I want to fight anyone and everyone. Michael Chandler, Renato Moicano and more. I just wanted to play against anyone before the baby was born. That’s why I tried to fight anyone who agreed. I’m in favor of a fight with Jayleen Turner. But I want to fight any fighter in the top 10 or top 15 rankings. I just want to do a lot of activities and stay busy. we all get old That’s why I’m tired of waiting. I just try to keep fighting.

– Are you thinking of taking a little break after the baby is born?

Trying to take a short break. Because this is my first child and I have to learn how our lives will change. But I will return to the Octagon as soon as possible. This fall, around September or October, we are going to fight one more time.

– The toughness is phenomenal. There is only one KO hand, but is it ‘Injagang’? Or is there a trick?

it’s a gene And take care of your body. I do not know. I don’t spar hard. I don’t spar like crazy. I don’t do anything stupid. It’s either because of my genes or because I take good care of my body.

– If you predict the winner of UFC 288 Henry Cejudo and Aljamain Sterling.

I think it’s a dead end. But I think Aljamain Sterling will win. Algermain is a bit bigger. But I think it will be a close match. Both are tremendous talents in the realm of grappling and wrestling. But I’ll bet on Aljamain.

– Are there any Korean UFC fighters you know well?

Currently, no one comes to mind. Right now I’m losing weight, so I can’t remember. But I want to compete in Korean competitions. I want to go to Seoul, enjoy MMA there, and meet great MMA fans. I want to experience everything. I got some DMs. But I can take more. So if you’re a fan, always send me a message. I like to read messages from fans. But we are already planning a trip to Korea. That is why we will be able to meet you in person.

– Are you saying that you will be coming to Korea soon?

Yes. I’ll be there soon. I will go to Korea, eat Korean food, and enjoy life. I want to go to Korea and train. There are many very tough fighters.

– It would be nice to come to Korea and train with ‘Korean Zombie’ Jeong Chan-sung.

There is an interesting story. I was doing physical training in the morning and there was a ‘Korean zombie’. He was also running on the treadmill. So I did some fanning. Among the Korean fighters in the UFC, Korean Zombie is probably my favorite fighter. But many other players like it too.

– Do you have any hobbies or stories about your daily life outside the cage? I’m curious about Drew Dover’s usual appearance.

i am a nerd i play video games Read books, drink wine, listen to music. Played Waste Land 3 and Persona the Royal 5. I also play Japanese RPGs. And read fantasy novels. Except when I fight in the Octagon, I’m a nerd.

– Please say something to your Korean fans.

Korean fans, I love you. please send me a message Don’t be shy to ask any questions or leave any comments. Send us whatever you want. If you send me an Instagram message, I read everything.

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