“Upper lip stitched 15 times, a round kick man comes to mind”… Complaint of a woman in her 20s who was assaulted

In Daejeon, a woman in her 20s was assaulted indiscriminately and had 15 stitches on her upper lip.

Recently, several photos were posted on an SNS with the title메이저놀이터 ‘My daughter was assaulted’.

The author of the article, a man named A, who is raising his daughter in his 20s alone, said, “On the 8th, in Bongmyeong-dong, Daejeon, her daughter and her friends were assaulted.”

On the day of the incident, Mr. A said that he received a phone call from her daughter saying, ‘(While her friends were at the convenience store), the man at the next table cursed and asked why he was staring at me.’ “Don’t talk back, just stay. Even with her friends (don’t think about reproaching them), they told me to avoid ‘because they are strange people,’” she said.

Afterwards, two men and a woman in their mid-30s quarreled with their daughter, and when the woman in the group hit them first, one man complained of merciless assault.

Mr. A said, “(The daughter said), ‘I lost my mind because it was so right, and when I opened my eyes, people gathered around us like in a movie. It reminded me of Busan Dolkiki Man. He kicked her in the head and face and tried to lift a chair to hit her, but when young men around her stopped her, (the perpetrators) assaulted them and ran away.”

Regarding her daughter’s health, she said she was “nauseous and had black bruises from being hit so hard on her head and stomach” and that she had “pierced her upper lip and had 15 stitches”. .

“The other friend was beaten while wearing prosthetics, but her face was all swollen because of how intensely she hit her face,” he said. did,” he added.

At the same time, she said that she was currently investigating the police and had secured the identity of the perpetrator, and asked for help, saying, “If you have something that can be evidence, such as a video, please contact me.” She said she had secured a closed-circuit ( CC ) TV nearby, but was looking for a close-up recording of the sound.

Finally, he said, “When I was trying to hit my daughter with a chair, there was someone who blocked me and greeted me. I really want to find it and say thank you.” expressed

On the other hand, when a comment was made saying, ‘Isn’t Miss B providing the cause first?’, Mr. A wrote in an additional post, “From the beginning, she cursed at her daughter who was alone and said sexually insulting things to her friends. work,” he said.

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