Vosler two days in a row finalists… CIN wins 3 in a row after losing Opening Day

The Cincinnati Reds went on a three-game winning streak after losing their opening game.

In the home game against the Chicago Cubs held at the Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati, Ohio, on the 4th (Korean time), Cincinnati won 7-6 with 3 runs from Jason Vosler 스포츠토토(30) in the final, a thrilling 1-point come-from-behind victory.

With this victory, Cincinnati was thrilled with its third straight win after losing the opening match against the Pittsburgh Pirates (4-5).

Cincinnati was dragged down by giving Cody Bellinger 3 runs in the top of the 1st inning, but immediately scored 3 runs in the bottom of the 1st inning and tied the game, then added a run in the bottom of the 2nd inning and succeeded in turning the game around.

In the top of the 5th inning, the Cubs succeeded in reversing the game by scoring 3 points thanks to timely hits by Trey Mancini and Eric Hosmer.

Cincinnati’s counterattack was also fierce.

In the bottom of the fifth, Vosler turned the game around again. Vosler pulled out a reversal three-runner that went over the left wall from opposing starter Drew Smiley in the 2nd and 1st and 2nd bases.

Vossler, who hit the preemptive final solo home run against Pittsburgh the previous day, led the team’s early rise by hitting the final home run two days in a row.

Vosler, who made his big league debut with the San Francisco Giants in 2021, signed a minor league contract with Cincinnati in February and joined the opening roster this season.

In four games this season, he has a perfect score, including a batting average of 0.364 (4 hits in 11 at-bats), 2 home runs, 6 RBIs, and an OPS of 1.546.

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