We spent 760 billion won”… Tottenham’s counterattack ’15 years unrelated’

On the 5th (Korean time), Tottenham supporters’ Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust (hereinafter referred to as THST) said through official social media, “There are genuine concerns about Tottenham’s situation and the direction of the club. We have a fundamental need for answers from fans. “I have written a statement to the club’s board to seek answers to the questions and will share the club’s responses at an appropriate time,” he said in a statement addressed to the club.

THST asked the Tottenham club to answer a total 안전놀이터 of four items: the direction of the club, the future of manager Antonio Conte, the direction of growth of the youth academy, and the club’s willingness to invest. It was a request from public opinion that Tottenham was lagging behind other Premier League (EPL) big clubs in terms of performance and investment.

In response, Tottenham gave an answer in about a month. THST released Tottenham’s answer to fans through its homepage on the 3rd. Reading Tottenham’s response, I felt like I had a different opinion than the fans.

First, Tottenham responded to the fundamental question of why they weren’t investing: “It’s important to deal with the facts. The club’s level of spending makes it very clear that we are supporting a football team. The club has invested heavily in the squad. 2019 “Since the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium opened in April 2018, we have spent more than £500 million (approximately 753.8 billion won) to finish in the league’s top four. We have also invested heavily in the women’s team.”

Tottenham continued, “Despite these investments, we often hear comments that there is a lack of support and investment in the manager. There is always a subtle difference between long-term and short-term investments. That is why our scouting system must be top-notch. do,” he added.

In addition, Tottenham insisted that the club had no choice but to invest from a long-term perspective. “Financial sustainability has been fundamental to the way we run this club. Our goal has always been to demonstrate the club’s financial stability while remaining competitive on the pitch,” they said. It was timely to keep the club competitive and we are always aware of the new capital injected into other clubs that have significantly increased player transfer spending.”

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