What does the new Old Traft Stadium look like?…’Spaceship’ ↔ ‘Giant Toilet’

An asset owner who owns a Qatari bank announced on the 18th that he has officially participated in the acquisition of Manchester United.

Sheikh Jasim bin Hamad Al Thani, a member of the royal family, 온라인바카라 said in an official statement that he had submitted the bid. The bidding amount is known to be 5 billion pounds (approximately 7.82 trillion won). However, it is his four additional investment plans that are of greater interest to United fans.

“We will invest in our men’s and women’s soccer teams, training centres, stadiums and wider infrastructure, fan experience and the community the club supports,” revealed Sheikh Jasim. It is a promise to rebuild Old Trafford, the home ground of Manchester United.

Fans raised their voices that this ‘old’ stadium, which has been open for over 100 years, needs to be rebuilt. The club taking over Manchester United is also making the reconstruction of Old Trafford a fait accompli. That’s why Sheikh Jashim announced this investment plan to his fans.

However, at the same time, instead of Old Trafford, a bird’s-eye view of the new soccer field, which will become Manchester United’s new home stadium in the future, has been released and is attracting attention.

According to an article reported by The Sun on the 18th, it feels like a spaceship. That’s why the title is ‘Spaceship’.

United have already assembled a team of consultants to develop a master plan for the redevelopment of the ‘Theater of Dreams’. They are said to have consulted with the architect to reconstruct Old Trafford as a state-of-the-art stadium and to have about 63,000 seats.

While the dream stadium project with consultants is being promoted, The Sun reported on a photo released by a YouTuber as a bird’s-eye view of Manchester United’s new football stadium.

It is a potential design uploaded by a YouTuber, but unfortunately, Manchester United fans are not very happy. It is the Sun’s report that it did not make a big impression.

Fans are dissatisfied with it because it looks just like the Allianz Arena in Germany. The 360-degree façade features a new roof and an extended stand.

However, fans have said that the Spaceship Stadium looks like a ‘future spaceship’. But another social media user downplayed it, calling it “like a giant toilet.”

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