“What happened to Tottenham?” ‘Messi Shadow’ 43 billion midfielder recruitment, the most advanced

 The possibility of Rodrigo De Paul (29, Atletico Madrid), who won the World Cup in Qatar of Argentina, making a nest in Tottenham is increasing.

Italy’s ‘Inter Live’ said on the 5th (local time)바카라 that ‘Tottenham, AS Roma, AC Milan, Brentford, Everton, and many other English and Italian clubs are aiming for De Paul. In the midst of this, Tottenham is at the forefront of the scouting battle,” he reported.

Director Fabio Paratici is not currently at Tottenham, but it is known that he put the most effort into signing De Paul until he took a leave of absence. He was involved in the charge of ‘accounting fraud’ during his time at Juventus and received a two-and-a-half-year suspension from the Italian Football Association.

The International Football Federation (FIFA) judged that the effect of the disciplinary action applies equally worldwide. Tottenham have appealed. Director Paratici cannot fulfill his role until the results are out.

However, it is said that the link between Paratici and De Paul is valid. De Paul’s transfer fee is 30 million euros (approximately 43 billion won). It is a ‘temptation’ that even Atletico Madrid, which is in a serious financial crisis, cannot refuse.

De Paul currently plays for Atletico Madrid after Valencia and Udinese. He has scored two goals in 28 appearances this season.

He has an excellent sense of handling the ball and boasts a wide range of activities and tough game management. During the World Cup in Qatar, he was praised for covering the area of ​​Lionel Messi, who did not play much.

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