What Is a Teaser Bet?

At its most basic level, a teaser bet is a type of parlay bet in which you can pay to make the bet easier to win. You pay for this increased likelihood of winning in the odds that you pay for the bet.

The standard teaser allows you to bet on two games as a parlay bet, but to adjust the spread of each game to make it more likely you’ll win. Normally, you can adjust six points for a football game and four points for a basketball game.

In exchange for making your bet easier to win, you must pick at least two teams to bet on. This increases the chances of the bet failing by at least one leg. And like a parlay bet, you must win all of the legs in a teaser to see any return. The sportsbook might also raise the odds for teaser bets, diminishing your payout even if you do win. 메이저놀이터

Now, let’s say that the Jets lost to the Falcons 27-20. This is covered under your new 8.5-point spread. The Patriots were originally a 7-point favorite against the Texans, and let’s say they won 25-22, covering the new 1-point spread.

This is a good example of why a teaser bet is easier to win than a standard two-team parlay, because neither the Jets nor the Patriots covered the original point spread, but both would have covered in a teaser.

A teaser like this will generally be priced around -120, meaning if you risked $12 on it, you would have won $10. If one or both teams did not cover the new spreads, you would have lost your $12

The price you will get for a teaser bet will depend on the sportsbook you use. Each book uses an algorithm that determines your payout and has its own rules about how teaser bets work. The price for a teaser bet is normally based on three main factors:.

In general, teaser bets are not a good long-term strategy for making money on sports betting. Just like parlay bets, tying multiple bets into one wager in which they all must win decreases your chances of winning, and in general, you will not be compensated enough for the compounding risk to make it worth your while.

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