‘What would have happened if Son Heung-min and Salah couldn’t keep the top scorers in the EPL!’ I’m anxious, “Let’s not make a deal once the European transfer window ends!”

The opinion is that once the European transfer market ends, players should be prevented from heading to the Saudi Arabian league.메이저사이트

The Saudi Arabian league is popular as a stage for superstars to finish their careers. This is because the standard has improved compared to before and you can earn a handsome salary.

Al Nasr’s signing of Cristiano Ronaldo was the beginning. He enjoyed the superstar effect and attention was drawn to other players.

Clubs in the Saudi Arabian league are eager to recruit superstars, as if competing, and are building an ultra-luxurious team.

Al Itahad took up the baton. Karim Benzema, former Real Madrid goal scorer, was recruited.

Recently, Neymar joined the ranks of oil money by leaving Paris Saint-Germain and heading to Al Hilal after breaking up with Lee Kang-in.

The English Premier League (EPL) stage is also being helplessly affected by Saudi Arabia’s oil money raid.

N’Golo Kante, Kalidou Koulibaly, Edouard Mendy, Roberto Firmino, Ruben Neves, Fabinho, Jordan Henderson, and Riyad Mahrez have left the EPL stage and succumbed to the temptation of oil money.

Here, they targeted the EPL’s top scorer. Son Heung-min was also a target.

Saudi Arabia’s Al Ittihad is known to have prepared a four-year contract to recruit Son Heung-min with a transfer fee of 60 million euros (about 94 billion won) and an annual salary of 30 million euros (about 42 billion won).

However, Son Heung-min ruled out the possibility of advancing to the Saudi Arabian stage and declared that he would remain in the EPL.

Son Heung-min said, “I’m not ready to go to the Saudi Arabian league yet. EPL is good. He denied the transfer rumors, saying, “There is still a lot of work left to do.”

He continued, “(Ki) Seong-yong once said that the national team captain would not go to China. “It’s better to play in your favorite league than to make money,” he said, leaving behind a famous quote that will remain in the spotlight for a long time.

When Son Heung-min failed, he approached Mohamed Salah.

Al Ittihad is committed to giving Salah the best treatment. There is an atmosphere that a salary similar to that of Ronaldo and Neymar is possible.

Neymar’s annual salary after leaving Paris Saint-Germain for Al Hilal is known to be around 220 billion won.

Al Ittihad continued to shake Liverpool to sign Salah. He offered a huge transfer fee of over 300 billion won.

Liverpool legend Graham Souness said through the British media ‘Express’, “The owner of Liverpool is the same as the owner of Manchester United. “I’m a cool-headed businessman,” he said, adding that he couldn’t help but think about money.

He continued, “Salah is 31 years old. The transfer fee set by Al Ittihad is a huge amount of money. I don’t think next year will be worth it. “If he gets injured, it won’t be worth the amount currently being discussed,” he said, predicting that Liverpool’s owner will row when the tide comes in.

However, Liverpool resisted the temptation of Al Ittihad and succeeded in holding on until the Saudi Arabian league transfer window closed.

There were voices calling for preparations for oil money Saudi Arabian league airstrikes.

Simon Jordan, former owner of Crystal Palace, expressed concern that “if the Saudi Arabian league pays exorbitant salaries that the world’s largest clubs cannot afford, this will inevitably hit the economies of other leagues.”

He continued, “We need to start setting some rules. Something that could be easily introduced would be to prevent EPL clubs from doing business with the Saudi Arabian league after the European transfer window closes. “We must prepare for the future in the face of an increasingly globalized society and the coming changes,” he emphasized.

Meanwhile, Son Heung-min, who remained on the EPL stage, is still showing off his class.

Son Heung-min is playing his role in a situation where a striker is needed after Harry Kane leaves ahead of this season.

Son Heung-min played as a frontline striker in the 4th round match against Burnley, and in the 16th minute of the first half when Tottenham conceded a goal and was down 0-1, he made a sensational chip shot after confirming that the goalkeeper came out and created space after a pass play with Manor Solomon. The equalizer was achieved through .

Afterwards, Son Heung-min’s show began. After receiving Solomon’s pass in the 19th minute of the second half, Son Heung-min rushed in and scored the team’s fourth goal and his second of the season through a direct shot.

Son Heung-min’s scoring spree did not stop. In the 22nd minute of the second half, he penetrated into the space behind Burnley’s defense and scored again after receiving a pass from Foro. It was the moment when he achieved his first hat trick of the season.

Son Heung-min’s recent evaluation is good. Tottenham appears to be seeking to extend his contract. It is reported that plans are being made to extend the effective period until June 2025.

According to Paul O’Keefe, an official familiar with Tottenham’s situation, Tottenham held informal talks with Son Heung-min to pursue a contract extension.

The possibility of Tottenham pursuing an extension to Son Heung-min’s contract is welcomed.

Alesdair Gold, a Tottenham reporter for British media outlet Football London, said, “It would be a shock if Son Heung-min is not offered a new contract. “There is no reason not to do so,” he said, adding that extending the companionship was natural.

Tottenham fan site ‘Spurs Web’ said, “Tottenham usually does not offer long-term contracts to players over 30 years old. However, Son Heung-min is an exception. “It gives me the feeling that he will continue to perform at the highest level for several years,” he said, welcoming the possibility of an extension.

Paul Brown, a reporter for sports media ‘Give Me Sports’, also predicted that Son Heung-min would extend his contract with Tottenham.

Brown said, “Son Heung-min has become Tottenham’s captain and I think he is happier than anyone else. He is truly taking it to heart. “He commands incredible respect, both within the squad and among the wider fan base,” he said.

He continued, “I don’t think there is any reason for Son Heung-min to leave Tottenham. Tottenham also loves Son Heung-min. He will sign a new contract. “I think he will stay for a while,” he added.

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