When will Jordan and Thomas reconcile?

As ‘King’ LeBron James recently broke the NBA’s all-time scoring record, comparisons with ‘Basketball Emperor’ Michael Jordan are burning in earnest.슬롯사이트 James has a lot of regrets in terms of franchise star and final win rate, but he is showing off the presence of a monster in the so-called cumulative record while maintaining his skills until his old age. There are still many people who raise Jordan’s hand, but if Lebron accumulates more cumulative records and awards, it is unknown what changes will occur in the future.

In the meantime, there is another person that Jordan follows, none other than Isaiah Thomas (61‧185cm), the ‘assassin of baby face’ who led the heyday of the Detroit Pistons in the 1980s. The reason why Thomas continues to be involved with Jordan is because of the ‘bad relationship’ that has continued since active duty. They both hate each other very much. It is known that the biggest reason for the violent clashes during his playing days is the fact that he has been exchanging vicious words until now, and the emotional sediment has piled up to the extent that it will never be resolved.

It is well known that Detroit’s defense was very rough to block Jordan, who was beginning to emerge as the best scoring machine in the league beyond Chicago’s ace at the time. Even if it is not, it is famous for its tough defense, but if you look at the game at the time, it harassed Jordan at a level close to violence. Of course, Chicago also responded and did not back down from the fight, but it was not comparable to Detroit in terms of the level or number of dangerous plays.

Besides that, they are entangled with all sorts of bad ties and bad memories. Jordan is famous for his personality that he never forgets if he hurts or offends himself even a little, to the extent that he is called ‘The Little King’ among domestic fans. Jordan claims that during his first All-Star Game in 1985, Thomas intentionally refused to give him the ball and treated him as invisible. On the other hand, Thomas is in a position to refute that it is not true, saying that he could not play most of the second half due to injury.

Outside of Dream Team 1, Thomas believes that Jordan’s influence was a strong influence on the part he was eliminated from. In fact, not a few testimonies have been poured out, and it is an atmosphere that is considered orthodox to some extent. There are many fans who think that Jordan, who had hurt feelings for Thomas, got revenge in that way. It’s not a one-sided fault on either side, it’s a mutual exchange, so a lot of time has passed and it might have been solved if it were like a fair number of players.

However, both of them are very confident, and until recently, they sniped at each other and exchanged vicious words, so they consider each other like enemies. It is no exaggeration to say that it is the best nemesis relationship in NBA history. In fact, at the time of 2020, CBS Sports.com, an American sports site, posted a post ranking Jordan’s rivals during his active career, but Thomas was number one.

Among fans who did not watch basketball at the time, ‘Is a player named Thomas the level to talk about rivals with Jordan? There is a saying that he is not a rival just because he fights with his mouth, but this is absolutely not true. Jordan, who is regarded as the best basketball player in history, so I don’t know if anyone will not be angry, but Thomas is also a legend who dominated an era. He is evaluated as an all-time great player to the extent that he was also named on the list of 50 greatest players selected by the NBA, not only at the time.

It is common to think of the Boston Celtics of Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, and Robert Parish and the Los Angeles Lakers of Magic Johnson, James Worthy, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as the only ones that divided the NBA until Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls dynasty was born. In fact, in 9 seasons from 1980 to 1988, the Lakers won 5 times (runner-up 2 times) and the Celtics (runner-up 2 times) won 3 times.

The Philadelphia 76ers, with Moses Malone at the forefront, only won the championship once between them. The Houston Rockets have bowed their heads twice in the Finals. Meanwhile, there is a team that has won the championship for two consecutive years before Chicago’s first championship in 1991. This is Detroit, which gained notoriety with the ‘Bad Boys’. In the final match against the Lakers in 1988, if he had not unfortunately finished runner-up with a series record of 4-3 due to overlapping injuries and bad news, he would have achieved the feat of 3 consecutive defeats before Jordan.

They reigned as the strongest team in the East Coast with solid organizational skills and an on-the-ground defense that drew criticism for being too rough, but it took a lot of time for even Jordan’s Chicago to surpass it. When Jordan was young, the target he had to overcome was the Pistons, not the Lakers or the Celtics. With Bad Boys’ leader Thomas at the center, Joe Dumars, Bill Laimbeer, and Dennis Rodman were active in the center.

Thomas is one of the greatest guards of all time. Although he is short in stature, in addition to his speed, which is an advantage of a short guard, his resilience is also great enough to knock out an opponent’s center attack with a block shot. His vision and ball handling were so good that he constantly created chances for his teammates by moving around the court with low dribbles. It is evaluated that the role of Thomas, the top point guard, was absolutely essential in the background that Detroit, which has many clumsy players, could boast of mechanical organization.

Due to his small physique, it was not easy to play such as kicking in from under the goal, and his shooting ability was also poor, but in situations where scoring was necessary, he somehow succeeded in attacking through persistent dribbling. He is a boss-type leader with both charisma and cleverness, as evidenced by the fact that he was recognized among Detroit’s rough and bubbly squad.

Earlier this year, Magic appeared on a podcast and said, “Jordan and Thomas hated each other for too long. I think it’s time to end it. I don’t understand why they should live with the past when both are doing well after retirement. I want to release him,” and said he would come forward for reconciliation, but it is still unclear. I wonder if the longtime nemesis will always be able to release the emotional sediment and hold each other’s hands.

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