Why did Kim Do-young want to share a room with Kim Seok-hwan? [Arizona Interview]

The future of the KIA Tigers Kim Do-young (20) and Kim Seok-hwan (24) 메이저사이트are roommates in a dorm. How did you end up using a room? 

Kim Do-young, who wore the KIA Tigers uniform as the 1st nomination last year, was called a ‘special rookie’ and received a lot of attention even before his debut. From the demonstration game, Kim Do-young showed potential by wielding a batting average of 0.432.

Kim Do-young, who started as a lead-off from the opening match, received high expectations. However, he struggled in the regular season and ended the season with a batting average of 0.237, 3 homers, 19 RBIs, 13 stolen bases and an OPS of 0.674 in 103 games.

There were positive factors. He appeared in 36 games in the second half and melted into his professional stage with a batting average of 0.283, 4 RBIs and 6 stolen bases.

Kim Do-young is preparing for the 2023 season by participating in the team spring camp at the Kino Sports Complex in Tucson, Arizona, USA.

Kim Do-young said, “It’s amazing and fun to do spring camp abroad. The team atmosphere is good and I’ve adjusted well. It seems to be going as I thought. I’m still completely satisfied. I’m having fun every day.”

Kim Do-young, who showed stable defense last year as a third baseman and shortstop. He also told stories about his defensive training. He said, “I’m in good shape right now. It’s fun to see my appearance change in defense day by day. The defense at the beginning of the camp and now is very different. At the beginning of the camp, I received a lot of advice and help from the coaches and seniors. I’m going. (Kim) Sunbin sunbaenim teaches me a lot.”

Kim Do-young’s roommate at the dorm is Kim Seok-hwan. Kim Do-young said, “I asked first and asked to use it. We’ve never played together, but it was comfortable and I wanted to use it together. Originally, we couldn’t talk much in the team, but now we’ve become close and treat each other comfortably. “When you debuted, I couldn’t even look at you hyung, but now you’re just black,” he said.

Kim Seok-hwan was also highly anticipated as a promising player, but last season, he had a batting average of 0.149, 3 homers, 7 RBIs, and an OPS of 0.518 in 51 games. However, after the season, he played for Geelong Korea, an Australian professional baseball team, and recorded a batting average of 0.294, 4 homers, and 10 RBIs in 10 games, revealing his potential.

Both Kim Do-young and Kim Seok-hwan dream of flying. Kim Do-young said, “We are living together, but I have a lot of thoughts of ‘I want to play games together’. If there is an opportunity, I want to continue playing games together.” Now we have to settle down. We said to each other, ‘Let’s settle down and do well’.”

The modifier rookie is no longer attached to Kim Doyoung’s name. The resolution to face the 2023 season is different. Kim Do-young expressed her aspiration, saying, “I was disappointed that I couldn’t get a place despite the many opportunities last year. This year, I want to seize the opportunity and help the team go to a higher place.”

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