WKBL, PO & 2 Fake Fouls in the Championship

 WKBL (Korea Women’s Basketball League)메이저놀이터 played seven games of the ‘Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 Women’s Professional Basketball’ playoff and championship match from March 11 (Sat) to 23 (Thu). Through this, a total of two fake fouls were confirmed.

One case each was confirmed in the playoffs and championship match, and both cases were recorded by Woori Bank. Park Ji-hyun and Go A-ra of Woori Bank, who recorded fake fouls, were fined 100,000 won for their second fake foul this season.

A total of 46 fake fouls occurred during the entire season. Based on the regular league, the 2nd and 5th rounds had the most cases with 10 each, and the 4th and 6th rounds had the fewest fake fouls with 5 cases each.

By team, Shinhan Bank had the most cases with 16 cases, followed by KB Stars (9 times) and BNK Some (8 times). Hana 1 Q recorded the fewest fake fouls among the 6 clubs with 3 cases.

WKBL has released all fake foul lists at the end of each round starting this season, and will continue to avoid fake fouls and make efforts to make the game more fair.

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