‘Woo Saeng-soon’ again… Women’s Handball ‘Signel’ Golden Voyage

At the Hangzhou Asian Games, the best moment of our lives메이저놀이터, the women’s national handball team is again aiming for the legend of ‘Woo Saeng-soon’.
I started training in earnest with the new foreign commander.
Reporter Kang Jae-mook has been there.

Athletes who run, throw, and run again.

They constantly switch positions with each other, giving and receiving various passes.

The new head coach, Swedish coach Signel, also encourages the players by showing a demonstration.

“Raise your hands as fast as you can when you jump. If your arms are late, you only have one chance.”

In order to reproduce the national team’s ‘Woo Saeng-soon’, coach Signel emphasized defense rather than offense.

▶ Interview: Henrik Signel / Head coach of the women’s national handball team
– “Depending on the defense, the composition of the team, and the situation, we need to confuse the opponent, so we focus on defense.”

It’s still awkward in Korean, but I’m sincere in my efforts to get closer to the players.

▶ Interview: Henrik Signel / Coach of the women’s national handball team
– “Cheers? Cheers? Cool. Cheers. Hello!”

The national team won the Asian Championship last year and won six consecutive victories.

In the upcoming Asian Games, ‘Asia 1’

▶ Interview: Lee Mi-gyeong / Women’s handball team captain
– “We are determined differently, and we want to show that our women’s handball is strong by coming together in the short period of time.”

The ‘Signel’, which announced a new start, is already headed for Hangzhou.

This is Kang Jae-mook from MBN News.

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