Woori Bank wins 10 consecutive wins, defeating Samsung Life Insurance with ‘4 players scoring double digits’

Woori Bank won the game after a close match.

Asan Woori Bank won the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 Women’s Professional Basketball Regular League Yongin Samsung Life Insurance 64-53 match held at Asan Yi Sun-shin Gymnasium.

In this game, Choi Yi-sam, Kim Jong-un, Park Hye-jin, and Park Ji-hyun succeeded in scoring double digits. In particular, Kim Jong-un scored 10 points in the 4th quarter. In defense, he controlled the opponent’s ace Bae Hye-yoon well and became the number one contributor to the team’s victory.

1st Quarter, Woori Bank 22-21 Samsung Life Insurance: In the fierce first quarter between the two teams,
Samsung Life started the game in a good mood with Lee Hae-ran’s mid-range jumper. Afterwards, they allowed Park Ji-hyun free throws and Kim Dan-bi consecutive breakthrough points, but Bae Hye-yoon’s mid-range jumper and Lee Hae-ran’s free throws tied the score. On top of that, Kiana Smith’s stepback 3-pointer and breakthrough goal led to an 11-6 lead. Samsung Sam-Young allowed Kim Dan-bi and Choi I-sam to make 3-point shots in a row, but Kang Yu-rim’s 3-point shot took the lead again.

At Woori Bank, Kim Dan-bi and Choi Lee-sam started to change the atmosphere. Kim Dan-bi helped the score by passing to Lee-sam Choi who was making a cut. Next, Kim Dan-bi passed to Lee Sam Choi on the outskirts, and Choi Lee Sam connected it with a 3-point shot. In addition, Choi Yi-sam succeeded in an offensive rebound, which led to Park Hye-jin’s 3-point shot. Afterwards, Danbi Kim and Yurim Kang conceded, but Woori Bank, with Park Hyejin’s breakthrough score, finished the first quarter with 22-21.

2nd quarter, Woori Bank 41-31 Samsung Life: Woori Bank succeeded in 15-2 runs
Even at the beginning of the second quarter, the two teams exchanged points. Both teams scored through quick attacks and accurate shooting. A total of 10 points were scored in the first minute and a half of the quarter. Samsung Life Insurance scored 6 points and Woori Bank scored 4 points.

Woori Bank was the first to catch the flow. Strong defense was the basis. As a result, the opponent’s 24-second violation and the attacker’s foul were also induced. In the offense, Na Yoon-jung made a 3-point shot and made it 29-27. There, Kim Jong-un’s blocked shot came out, which led to Na Yoon-jung’s 3-point shot. Afterwards, Kim Jong-un’s basket count was added to make it 35-29.

And the atmosphere at Woori Bank continued. He controlled the opponent’s attack one after another and did not concede. The last point was conceded 1 minute and 54 seconds before the end of the quarter. On the contrary, Choi Lee-sam and Park Hye-jin’s free throw scores and Park Ji-hyun’s cut-in score were added to make it 41-31.

3rd Quarter, Woori Bank 50-47 Samsung Life: Samsung Life Successfully Chasing Samsung Life
wanted a counterattack. As a result, the players engaged in physical fights more actively. In the first half, he was pushed back in the rebound fight, but at the beginning of the third quarter, he rather won the rebound fight. As a result, he recorded 3 offensive rebounds in the first 5 minutes of the quarter. (Woori Bank 1) In the attack, Kiana scored in a row. Afterwards, Park Ji-hyun conceded a point, but Lee Joo-yeon and Kim Dan-bi’s 3-point shot continued the pursuit.

Woori Bank, which needed a change of atmosphere, applied for an operation time. After the operation time, Park Ji-hyun scored under the goal. And Park Hye-jin’s breakthrough score was added. However, Kim Dan-bi’s U-foul came out and Bae Hye-yoon succeeded in all free throws. And in the attack, Bae Hye-yoon and Kim Dan-bi even allowed a wonderful joint score. Woori Bank, who allowed Lee Joo-yeon a 3-point shot 11 seconds before the end of the quarter, finished the third quarter with a score of 50-47.

4th Quarter, Woori Bank 64-53 Samsung Life Insurance: Kim
Jong-un, who took over the match, Woori Bank scored the first point of the quarter with Kim Jong-un’s breakthrough goal. However, he failed to score for 3 minutes and 4 seconds after that. In the meantime, I gave 4 points to my opponent, and the score gap narrowed to 1 point. But this time, Kim Jong-un stepped up. He induced an opponent to foul during a three-point attempt and made two of the three free throws given. 메이저사이트

After Kim Jong-un scored a free throw, the two teams failed to score for about 3 minutes. It was because there were mistakes and shooting hunting. The first team to score was Woori Bank. Park Ji-hyun scored a quick break. In addition, Kim Jong-un’s breakthrough score came out, and the score was 58-51. 

Woori Bank added the points of Kim Jong-un and Choi I-sam, widening the score gap to double digits again. He lost a point to Bae Hye-yoon 17 seconds before the end of the quarter, but it did not interfere with the game.