Yang Hong-seok 16 points’ kt beat the leader KGC Ginseng Corporation and won 6 consecutive wins

Professional basketball kt defeated the leader KGC Ginseng Corporation and continued its upward trend of 6 consecutive victories.

In the away game in Anyang, kt won 85 to 83 against Ginseng Corporation with Yang Hong-seok scoring 16 points and Ha Yoon-gi and Jarrod Jones adding 14 points each. 스포츠토토

7th place kt, who had 6 consecutive wins, narrowed the gap with KCC and Carrot, who were tied for 5th place, by half a game.

In the Gunsan game, SK, where Kim Seon-hyung and Jamil Warney recorded a ‘double double’ side by side, beat KCC 78-70 and won 4 consecutive wins.