‘You said you’ve never driven a foreign car’… Jomin, what car did you drive on YouTube?

Ms. Cho Min, the daughter of South Korea’s former justice minister, is drawing attention to the vehicle she rides in the first video she released on YouTube on March 23.

The video, titled “My first step into the world of YouTube… Dudung…” was posted on the YouTube channel “Jomin Minchobae” on the 23rd. My first step into the world of YouTube.” The video, titled “Full,” shows Cho driving the vehicle. The video garnered 350,000 views within four days of its release.

Photo credit =Jo Min’s YouTube capture

In the center of the steering wheel, you can see the word먹튀검증 “FIAT” in English in a red circle. The exterior of the car is not shown, but the neck support and rear seats in the video suggest that it is a third-generation Fiat 500.

The 500 from Italian automaker Fiat is a small hatchback with a displacement of around 1,000cc, depending on the model year. Along with the BMW Group’s MINI, it is a favorite among women. After 2020, the fourth-generation model was revived as an electric car. The third-generation model cost about 30 million won when it was new, and the current used car market is generally around 10 million won.

Earlier, former Minister Cho’s camp filed a lawsuit for 300 million won in damages against YouTube channel Garosero Research Institute (Ga Se-yeon) for defamation with false statements such as “Former Minister Cho’s daughter drives a red foreign car” and won. At the time, Mr. Cho appeared as a witness and said, “I have never driven a foreign car or sports car,” and “It was difficult because the perception that my father drives a domestic car and my daughter drives a foreign car while not being able to study was spread.”

In the video, Cho described her personality as “simple and positive” and said, “I believe that self-actualization is achieved by doing what I want to do and what I am comfortable with in a small way rather than setting a big direction. I believe that self-actualization is achieved by doing what I want to do and what I am comfortable with, rather than having a big direction.” He explained, “I think this is my second chance at self-actualization.

“I opened an Instagram, and people liked it more than I thought they would. I started YouTube because I thought it was a little more dynamic and I could express a little more,” he said. “Now that I have some time, I wanted to do something productive. I like taking pictures and videos, so I thought it would be good to leave a video diary or something like that for later.”

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